2019 Spring Workshops:


February 23rd at 1pm
Starting Seeds Successfully Indoors
Hosted by: Marlene Aitchison

Starting your own seeds is definitely cost effective, but it requires proper timing, care and techniques.  Join Marlene as she walks you through starting your seeds indoors, in order to get a jump start on your Spring veggie gardens.  FREE

February 23rd at 3pm
African Violets
Hosted by: African Violet Society

Guest presenters from the Sheridan African Violet Society talk about growing, dividing, propagating, and the different varieties of African Violets! You’ll see hands on demonstrations to learn how to properly take care of these classic houseplant favorites.
There is always something interesting to pick up at this ever popular class!
Also, learn what our local Violet Club does and how to become a member!  FREE


March 2nd at 1pm
Houseplant Health
Hosted by: Erin Kinsey

Learn how to keep your indoor plants healthy and happy!  Repotting, dividing, watering, humidity and proper light will all be topics in this discussion.  Be sure to bring your questions!   FREE

March 2nd at 3pm
Let's Get Fruity
Hosted by: Chelsea Kukowski & Keith Kershaw

Get insight into what fruits will grow well in Wyoming.  Chelsea, A Certified ISA Arborist, will talk about everything from fruit trees to small fruits.  Apples, Cherries, Peaches & Plums, to Blackberries, Raspberries, Currents and MORE!  FREE

March 3rd at 1pm
Fairy Gardening
Hosted by: Jessica Bohnsack

Design and plant a miniature garden!  Pay for only the plants and materials that you use, and walk away with your masterpiece.  Jessica will walk you through the do's and don'ts of miniature planting, and then turn you over to get your hands dirty.  The sky is the limit in this class, bring your own planter, or purchase one from our inventory, use your imagination.

March 9th at 1pm
Hosted by: Nicholas Patterson, Owner of Inner Tree LLC

Guest presenter Nicholas Patterson, owner of Inner Tree LLC, will teach you When, Why, What, How & Where to properly prune your trees.  This class will begin indoors, and then move outside for hands on learning.  Please dress according to the weather.  FREE

March 9th at 3pm
Hosted by: Hana Hurley

Fireblight is a huge concern for homeowners.  Learn how to properly control and prevent this highly contagious tree disease.  FREE

March 10th at 1pm
The Compost Pile
Hosted by: Phil Gilmore

Learn how to build and maintain your own compost bin for nutritious garden amending.  FREE

March 16th at 1pm
Keeping Bees
Hosted by: Marlene Aitchison

Have you ever thought about having a beehive in your backyard?  Ken & Marlene Aitchison will share their experiences with their hive.  Discussion will include how to set up a hive, choosing a location, package bees versus nucs, recordkeeping and the best part... Harvesting the Honey!   FREE

March 16th at 3pm
High Tunnels & Cold Frames
Hosted by: Tom Varcalli, Rachel Bourgault & Luc Bourgault

Move your gardening one or two USDA zones warmer using cold frames and high tunnels in your production.  Maintain a protected micro-climate sufficient for the needs of hardy plants.  Timing of plantings, extending the harvest season if not the growing season.  Guest presenters Tom Varcalli, of Box Cross Road Farms & Rachel & Luc Bourgault of Lower Piney Heirlooms.  FREE

March 17th at 1pm
Container Design
Hosted by: Marlene Aitchison

Landon's very own container designer will teach you how she creates our custom hanging baskets and planters so you can create like the experts.  Marlene will help you with plant pairing, longevity, and what plants will work best for your environment.  FREE 

March 23rd at 1pm
Planting a Tea Garden
Hosted by: Jessica Bohnsack

Learn about growing herbs and flowers to make your own tea.  Then plant up your very own garden to take home!  $30 fee includes up to 5 plants of your choice, a window box planter & soil.  Please be sure to RSVP for this class. 


April 6th at 1pm
Heirloom Veggies
Hosted by: Rachel Bourgault

Join Rachel Bourgault, of Lower Piney Heirloom Vegetable Gardens as she teaches the difference between hybrid and heirloom plants.  The importance of both, and how to successfully grow, harvest and store seeds for heirloom veggies.  FREE

April 6th at 3pm
Totally Tomatoes
Hosted by: Rachel Bourgault

Rachel once again will be joining us to teach, what else... all about growing tomatoes!  Learn which varieties are best suited for our short season, growing, pruning, mulching, trellising and so much more!  FREE

April 13th at 1pm
Growing the best Herbs
Hosted by: Rachel Bourgault & Jessica Bohnsack

Learn how to grow the best herbs to have the biggest, most flavorful harvest.  Rachel & Jessica will teach you their secrets to making the most of their herb gardens.  You'll also learn which herbs pair best with different meats or veggie dishes!  FREE

April 13th at 3pm
Veggie Gardening for beginners
Hosted by: Jessica Bohnsack

New to gardening?  Not sure where to even begin?  Then join Jessica to learn some of the key information to getting started, and being successful.  FREE

April 20th at 1pm
Hosted by: Rachel & Luc Bourgault & Joe Wesnitzer

Farmers Market vendors Joe Wesnitzer and Rachel & Luc Bourgault will talk about growing and using microgreens.  You'll learn the difference between sprouts, soil sprouts, baby greens and microgreens.  After this class you'll be growing your salad in your kitchen all Winter long.  FREE

April 20th at 3pm
Water Conservation
Hosted by: Rachel & Luc Bourgault

In this workshop, Rachel and Luc will teach you about different techniques to conserve water for your garden.  Mulches, rain barrels, collecting rain from your roof and out buildings, soaker hoses, under sowing and row covers will all be discussed.  FREE


May 11th from 1-3 pm
Planters for Mom Station
Hosted by: Marlene Aitchison

Looking for a great gift for your kiddos to give Mom?  Marlene will have a table set up between 1&3pm ready to help build a great "I did it myself" gift.  Come in and have the kids pick out a flower for Mom, and then Marlene will help them plant it up with care.  We will finish it off with a card, and viola!  Gift Ready.

May 11th at 1pm
Fun in the Sun with Perennials
Hosted by: Shannon Foster

Come and hang out with our Perennial department as they go through all the wonderful flower choices that love the sun!  This class will be held outdoors (weather permitting), so please dress accordingly.  FREE

May 11th at 3pm
Relaxing in the shade with Perennials
Hosted by: Shannon Foster

This workshop will be all about those sassy shade perennials.  You will be surprised what can grow in part to full shade!  Please come with your questions, and dress accordingly as part of this class will be outdoors.  FREE

May 18th at 1pm
Perennial Pollinators
Hosted by: Shannon Foster

Want to bring bees & butterflies to your garden & yard? Then this class is the right one for you!  Shannon will go over what plants work best for pollinators for both sun and shade gardens.  FREE

May 18th at 3pm
Right Tree for the Right Place
Hosted by: Clark VanHoosier

Clark VanHoosier, Sheridan's City Arborist will join us in discussing all of the do's and don'ts when getting ready to plant a tree on your property.  There are several important items to consider BEFORE you plant.  FREE

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