Jessica Bohnsack

Store Manager

Master Gardener

Jessica shops the world for the newest, most exciting, innovative and functional products for your home and garden. She is constantly striving to come up with new ways to make your shopping trip to Landon's an "Experience". She and her crew are responsible for the great displays that make the store enjoyable and inviting.  And they're the friendly faces you'll see each time you visit.  Jessica also coordinates all of our advertising efforts in all venues. Whew!

Chelsea Kukowski

Nursery Manager

ISA Certified Arborist, Master Gardener

Chelsea’s infectious laugh and “can do” attitude will draw you in and make you feel at home.  Chelsea’s desire to learn plant identification, bugs and diseases helps her answer questions on a daily basis.  Her drive has even earned her the prestigious title of ISA Certified Arborist.  Her leadership and organizational skills make her the perfect fit as our Nursery Manager.  She is more than capable and ready to help you with all of your tree and shrub needs.

Shannon Foster

Perennial Manager

Shannon comes to us with many years of retail experience and a strong desire to learn.   Shannon is very organized and leads the Perennial department with ease.  Shannon leads by example, and is always ready to help customers find that perfect plant!  You will see her handiwork as she build displays and shows you the best Perennials has to offer!

Hana Hurley

Assistant Nursery Manager

“I got it” is the attitude Hana brings with her everyday!  Hana assumed the role of Assistant Nursery Manager in 2018.  Always the go getter, she is willing to help out wherever needed.  She can load mulch, help you pick out the perfect shade tree for your yard, or even run the register up front.  Hana is our all around gal!

Marlene Aitchison

Production Coordinator

Marlene leads our Annual & Houseplant production.  She brings amazing leadership skills and organization to our production facility.  Since timing is critical in making plants ready, she is the perfect fit for us.  Marlene is also in charge of our special orders and coordinates with staff and customers with ease.  You will see her efforts in some of our custom planter/hanging basket designs.

Heather Kleiner

Gillette Store Manager

Master Gardener

Heather runs our Gillette store during spring.  Her “go get em” attitude is perfect for the fast paced, 10 week, Spring season in Gillette.  Heather coordinates everything from staffing & deliveries, to after hour’s classes.  She is always willing to help, design, or find that one particular plant you need!

Zachary Kershaw

Executive Assistant

Zachary (Zac) is Keith and Jennifer's son and the future of Landon's!  He is always eager to help out wherever he might be needed.  He loves working at Landon's and is so proud to have a "job" here.  You can find him just about everywhere, working behind the counter, watering, restocking, moving plants in the nursery and generally just helping out.


Janelle Gray

Janelle is mostly retired now, but still serves as an active voice on our Board of Directors.  These days you will find her taking walks, riding bikes, cross country skiing, studying at Sheridan College, or spending time with her family.

Phil Gilmore


ISA Certified Arborist

Phil handles all of our Landscape designs & bids.  He’s responsible for some pretty spiffy ponds and landscapes around the area. Phil’s experience shines through, whether you are looking for a full landscape or small flower bed, Phil is your man!

Keith Kershaw

General Manager

ISA Certified Arborist, ASHS Certified Horticulturist, Master Gardener

Keep the coffee pot on!  Keith is usually busy bouncing between our store and growing facility.  He is a moving target, but always available to spend time visiting with customers about their plants and special orders.  Keith is also happy to serve on the City of Sheridan Tree Board!

Jennifer Kershaw

Office Manager / Bedding Manager

Jennifer takes care of all of the office work, including payroll and bills, in and out.  She is in charge of HR, and helps out with advertising.  You will see her handiwork in the webpage updates, and the e-blasts that go out weekly.  Jennifer also has a hand in choosing the annuals that we grow from year to year

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