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Title: Landon's Workshops

Date Posted: Sep 02, 14
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Fall Workshops

 September 30th     1pm 

Houseplant Health

Donald will put on his “White Coat” as he presents the informative workshop on keeping your houseplants happy and healthy.   He will go over everything from pests to trimming, sun & water needs, and so much more!  If you have houseplants, this is the class for you!   FREE


Transplanting Houseplants

Give your houseplants room to grow.  Donald will host this important session on letting your houseplants reach their full potential.  Topics will include how to bring a plant back to health, when to repot your plant, and how.  

October 14th          11am 

Local Foods & You

Donald will talk in this open forum workshop about the benefits, availability, and quality of locally produced foods.  What it means to shop the local food markets & how to get started if you want to produce to sell.   FREE


Putting your Perennials to Bed  

Join our Perennial team as they go over Winter preparation of beds, plant division techniques, mulches, grass maintenance and bulb planting.  Whether you have some new Perennial beds that need winterization or want a refresher on property Winter care for your existing beds, this is the workshop for you.  Come prepared with questions, and Rick will get you all lined out for the coming Winter months.  

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