Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees are available beginning on Black Friday! We will have trees from 6' to 10', but be sure to shop early as supplies are limited this year. Prices begin at $59.95. Landon's will be open every Friday & Saturday through Christmas from 9-3, and on Sunday November 26th & December 3rd from 11-3.


No complaining about the same old veggies on your table; we grow over 75 different varieties! For a complete vegetable list, and description book click here.  


Yes, Artichoke grows here! In fact, if the location is sheltered enough, it may come back year after year. Harvesting the first artichoke will cause the plant to branch out and produce on side shoots. Since it takes awhile for the fruit to mature, use a wall-o-water and start your artichokes early.


Weíve been growing Cheddar Cauliflower for a couple of years now. That orange color is a sign that it is loaded with beta-carotene, and thatís a sign that itís good for you!  We also grow a purple cauliflower.  Now who says veggies are boring?!


Summer is Tomato Time, and weíre growing a tomato for every place and every taste!
BEEFSTEAK For you beefsteak lovers, we're growing Ball's Beefsteak, a big, disease resistant variety.  Better Boy is a smaller beefsteak type.  And don't overlook Brandywine--they are tasty and huge!  We're also bringing in a Grafted Brandywine and Grafted Big Beef.  Grafted tomatoes use disease-resistant root stock to give you a huge, productive plant.
HEIRLOOM Want an heirloom? Back by popular demand is Black Krim--hurray!  Or try Brandywine Pink, Hillbilly, Manitoba, Oregon Spring or Nebraska Wedding, a tasty orange number! Yellow Pear tomato is also an heirloom.
CONTAINER Got a small space? Grow Manitoba or Celebrity, one of our all-time favorites.  Wondering what other varieties grow in a container?  Look for "determinate" on the tag and it should work.  "Indeterminate" types will need to be planted in the ground. 
NOT RED! Want something besides red? Lemon Boy and Yellow Pear are astoundingly delicious yellows; Nebraska Wedding is a sweet and juicy orange; Black Krim (pictured, photo courtesy Ball Seed and Terra Organic Seeds) is deep purple to black; Sun Sugar is a golden, sweet cherry-type; and Tomatillo is the original little green tomato and as saucy as itís name!
AND MORE Weíll have grape tomatoes (Juliet and Yellow Pear), Roma tomatoes (Roma Paste), Cherry Tomatoes (Sweet 100, Black Cherry, Sun Sugar, Tomaccio), Sun-dried tomatoes on the vine (Tomaccio), Slicers (Better Boy, Celebrity, Champion, Early Girl, Goliath Original Hybrid, Manitoba, Oregon Spring, Super Sioux) and all of your favorites.

Itís easy to eat your Veggies from Landonís Greenhouse.

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