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25% off all yard and garden bagged goods for the month of September! 


We can grow tropical flowers in Wyoming! Set these beauties outside in your hottest spot after all danger of frost has passed, then move them indoors to a south or west window in winter.  Click here for a list of Landon's tropicals.


With huge, bold blossoms, Hibiscus are sure to delight!


Bougainvillea is an unusual flowering vine that will make you feel like you’re in Hawaii.


Check out our tropical trellised vines and “flowering standards”. (Flowers or shrubs that have been trained into a tree.) Although what we carry varies from year to year based on availability, we'll usually have Hibiscus trees, Bougainvillea Trellises, maybe Texas Sage or Gardenia Patio Trees and Durante (for shade).


Mandevilla are fast growing, prolifically blooming tropical vines, which will flower outside all summer, and can be moved inside for winter.  Full Sun.  Photo courtesy Diana Reavis.

Get a taste of the Tropics at Landon’s Greenhouse.

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