Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees are available beginning on Black Friday! We will have trees from 6' to 10', but be sure to shop early as supplies are limited this year. Prices begin at $59.95. Landon's will be open every Friday & Saturday through Christmas from 9-3, and on Sunday November 26th & December 3rd from 11-3.

What's New In THE NURSERY for 2017

(For more info on these selections, call 672-8340, or stop out and see us!) Click here for a printable list !


Paperbark Maple 
Northern Flare Sugar Maple 
Spaeth's Alder
Prairie Dream Paper Birch
Weeping Siberian Peashrub Std
Dwf Cranberry Bush Std 
Kentucky Coffee Tree
Firebird Crabapple Std 
Fruitless Weeping Mulberry
Suck Punch Cherry
Scarlet Oak
Weeping Pussy Willow Std
Hakuro Nishiki Willow Std 
Cardinal Royal Mountain Ash

Daybreak Barberry
Sunjoy Tangelo Barberry
Creeping Peashrub
Cameo Orange Flowering Quince 
Cheyenne Red Flowering Quince 
Kodiak Black Honeysuckle 
Lydia Broom
Common Witchhazel
Incrediball Blush Hydrangea 
Invincibelle Ruby Hydrangea 
Fire Light Hydrangea 
Lodense Privet
Tiny Wine Ninebark
Double Play Candy Corn Spiraea 
Double Play Painted Lady Spiraea 
Glow Girl Spiraea 
Snowmound Spiraea 
Madame Lemoine Lilac
President Grevy Lilac
Lil'Ditty Viburnum
Czechmark Trilogy Weigela 
Czechmark Sunny Side Up Weigela 
Golden Sword Yucca

Blue Girl - Blue Hybrid T
Honor  - White Hybrid T
Ketchup & Mustard  - Orange/Yellow Hybrid T
Pretty Lady Rose  - Pink Hybrid T


King's Gold Cypress
Trautman Juniper
Gold Strike Juniper
Gold Spot Russian Cypress
Drew's Blue Cypress
Globe Servian Spruce 
Lundeby Dwf Spruce 
The Blues Weeping Blue Spruce
Mitch's Mini Mugo Pine
Valley Cushion Mugo Pine
Hornbrookiana Austrian Pine PomPom
Japanese White Pine 



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