It's in the Bag!

It's time to buy bulk at Landon's! 

25% off all yard and garden bagged goods for the month of September! 

Shrubs, Hedge Plants and Vines

No landscape is complete without some shrubs!  This category of woody plants gives you the broadest range of sizes, colors, flowers, textures, sun tolerances, habits…..and on and on and on. 

There truly is a shrub for everyone, and you’ll probably find it at Landon’s!  Popular selections include Potentilla, Spirea, Barberry, Lilac, Ninebark, and Dogwood.  Click here for our complete 2017 listing.
For screening plants or hedges we’ve got you covered, too!  Deer-resistant Cheyenne Privet or fall-color Cotoneasters can shield your neighbors or define a border.  See us for other selections.

Don't forget your vines!  A gorgeous vine can really spruce up an entryway, or arbor.  
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