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Shade Trees

All trees provide some shade, but at Landon’s we get a little more specific in defining the term ‘shade tree’ to help you zero in on your true desires.  For us, shade trees are broadly classified as deciduous trees that get 30’ tall or larger.  The main purpose of these trees is to shelter and cool, but many shade trees also have nice ornamental features as well, such as flowers or fall color.   (Red Maple shown)
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Popular shade tree selections include aspen, cottonwood, ash (pictured at right), maple, and birch.  Other choices are also available, and we have different sizes to meet any budget!       
                               Burr Oak


Ornamental Trees


For unique features, flowers, or fall color, consider ornamental trees.  Generally these trees are smaller, usually less than 25’ tall, and consequently are great for small yards.  But even if you have lots of space, give them a try---ornamental trees are fantastic additions to any landscape!  
At Landon’s we have a number of great ornamental tree choices, including flowering crabapples, flowering cherries, lilacs, and dwarf maples.
                             Amur Maple

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