Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees are available beginning on Black Friday! We will have trees from 6' to 10', but be sure to shop early as supplies are limited this year. Prices begin at $59.95. Landon's will be open every Friday & Saturday through Christmas from 9-3, and on Sunday November 26th & December 3rd from 11-3.


Perennials are perhaps the most diverse group of plants we offer.  Unlike annuals, perennials come back from year to year----no wonder they are so popular!  Some perennials are long-lived, like peonies, which can live 50 years or more, while others, like lupine, tend to be short-lived, say 2-5 years.


At Landon's we offer nearly 120 different perennial plant selections, with an even larger number of cultivars and species within these selections!  Click here for the complete Perennial description book.  

It is unlikely you will encounter a planting situation that cannot be solved with a perennial of some kind.  But give it a go:  Come on in and try to stump us!  We carry sun- and shade-tolerant selections, ground covers, vines, perennials that are drought tolerant or deer resistant, natives, grasses, bog plants, you name it!

And we've done a lot of the homework for you:  We carry plants that have been tested here, or are rated for our climate.  In addition to the many perennials grown locally (yep!  we're your SUSTAINABLE choice for Sheridan), we also purchase material from reputable suppliers with proven track records in the industry.

Stop in to see us!


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