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Nursery Stock Warranty

Landonís buys high quality nursery stock from reputable suppliers who have been in the industry for many years.  We take diligent care of the product from the time we receive it to the time it is sold to you, our customer.  

Despite these positive actions and intentions, plants are living organisms and may perish for unknown reasons.  Therefore, the purchase of live products presents some risk to the customer.

We are willing to share this risk with you.  Because we have no control over the product once it leaves our facility, we must rely on you to care for the product after the sale.  

Thus, Landonís has a one year, one-time, 50% warranty on the cost of the trees, shrubs, or evergreens that you purchase.  This warranty is valid when the plant has received reasonable care.  Certain plants may not be guaranteed for specific reasons, and this will be plainly stated at the time of purchase.  Planting, delivery, or other service fees are not included in the warranty.

This warranty is void in cases of mechanical injury (i.e., deer or weed eater damage), pest damage (i.e., insects, mice, voles), customer neglect or over watering, or severe/unusual weather including hail, wind, extreme temperatures, etc.

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