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herbs & scented geraniums

For our complete list of herbs & scented geraniums, click here.


Like vegetables, herbs thrive in full sun. Outdoors, they’ll need 6 to 8 hours of direct sun per day; indoors they’ll do best in a hot, south or west window.
Some herbs are perennial (click here for an herb Handout, or see "Herbs" in Handout section).
Most herbs will tolerate a bit of dryness. Exceptions are rosemary and basil; while the soil should never be soggy, regular watering is crucial. In general, water herbs as you would a normal flower or vegetable bed.
   Rosemary Tree                    Basil


The oil, Citronella, comes from scented geraniums. These super-fragrant plants naturally repel mosquitos!
Plant them in containers on your patio or deck. Break a leaf or two off and crush them onto your skin. Place a snip in your pocket for protection while you garden.
Scented geraniums bloom, but the flowers are unremarkable.
Although we carry Mosquito Plant and Variegated Mosquito Plant, the other varieties—Rose, Lemon, Variegated Lemon and Nutmeg—ALL do equally well against pests. So pick the fragrance and plant shape that appeals to you!

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