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 Evergreen Trees

Evergreens provide year-round interest, and help color those sometimes dreary Wyoming winters---and cut those Wyoming winds!   Used as windbreaks or as specimen plants, upright evergreen trees range in height from 5í to 60í or more, and are suitable to a wide array of landscapes. 

Landonís not only stocks the usual spruce, pine, and juniper, but also some unusual varieties for the conifer connoisseur.  Click Here for our complete 2017 list.



Evergreen Shrubs

We donít really think of evergreens as shrubs, but thatís exactly what the smaller, spreading or mounding conifers are! 
Combine these with other deciduous shrubs in a foundation planting, tuck one under a shade tree, or plant a specimen all by itself.  Any way you go youíll get a classy, all-season look.  Undemanding and fun!

Youíll find what you need at Landonís, where the selection includes spreading junipers of all kinds, mounding mugo pines and arborvitae, and colorful dwarf spruce.


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