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annual VINES

Like all annuals, these vines will grow and flower for only a season, but they’ll put on a terrific show the whole time. All annual vines need full sun. For a complete list of the vines Landon's carries click here


Mandevilla are a fast-growing, big-flowered tropical vines.  They can be grown outside in the summer, then moved inside for the winter.  Photo courtesy Diana Reavis.


Morning glory vines are fast-growing and spectacular.  Scarlet O’Hara has very large, wine-red flowers.  Heavenly Blue is the blue-flowered favorite.  Plant them in full sun when all danger of frost has passed. 


Thunbergia, sometimes called Black-Eyed Susan vine, is another super-aggressive, annual vine, growing up to 3 feet in a season. We’ll have Susie Orange with Eye, Susie Yellow with Eye and Susie White with Eye.
Photos courtesy Ball Horticultural


We start Sweetpeas in December so you can enjoy the fragrance and blossoms as an early harbinger of spring.
For vines that trail, rather than climb, see “Accent Plants”.

Climb on board with Annual Climbing Vines from Landon’s Greenhouse.

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