Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees are available beginning on Black Friday! We will have trees from 6' to 10', but be sure to shop early as supplies are limited this year. Prices begin at $59.95. Landon's will be open every Friday & Saturday through Christmas from 9-3, and on Sunday November 26th & December 3rd from 11-3.

Annual Flowers for Sun

Annuals are the flowers that bloom for one season. They are treasured in the garden because they typically flower all summer. We grow over 300 varieties! For a complete list of our sun-loving annuals, click here.   To list our sun annuals by color, click here.


If you haven’t tried the best plant on the planet, make this the year you do! Calibracoas, also known as Million Bells, are easy care, pest free and versatile.
Good in sun or part sun, they have a spreading, mounding, trailing habit and come in every color imaginable, from true yellow to deep red to wonderful bi-colors.
We carry over 20 varieties, including some doubles! Fertilize daily or weekly for best results.
Calibracoa Photos courtesy Diana Reavis


Corey Coreopsis will add daisy-like yellow interest to combos, without overgrowing the pot.  Full Sun.

Photo courtesy Fischer USA/Syngenta Seed

      Photo courtesy Proven Winners, www.provenwinners.com


The Mystic series have glossy black foliage but with a brilliantly-colored blossom. Give your Mystic plenty of room and it will grow up to be unbelievably stunning.


   Dahlia Mystic photos courtesy Proven Winners, www.provenwinners.com

For fun and funky on a smaller scale , try a Scarlet Goldalia.  Full to Part Sun.

Goldalia Scarlet, photos courtesy Fischer USA


 The fern-like foliage of this plant is smothered with star-like blue blossoms all summer, and even through the first frosts of fall!  Full to Part Sun.


This vegetative alyssum (meaning it does not go to seed and therefore, will not stop blooming in the heat of summer) was introduced just recently.  It is super-aggressive--and super-hungry!  (Lobularia Snow Globe is a recently-introduced, less-aggressive version!)  It does best alone, but if you want to put it in combos, use equally aggressive companions:  Pretty Much Picasso Supertunia and Lime Ipomoea, or Callie Calibracoas.  In the garden bed, lobularia forms an attractive large mound and works great as ground cover.  Because it is so aggressive, it will need plenty of water and fertilizer.  It's worth the effort--an extremely impressive plant.  Full Sun to Part Sun.


You gotta try Supertunias! Or more correctly, Vegetative Petunias.  These very aggressive petunias bloom down the stem (instead of just at the tip). Because they do not go to seed, they do not need dead-heading to keep blooming. We are growing over 25 varieties of Supertunias, Cascadias, Potunias, Sweetunias, Jamborees, Fames and Waves. The more you fertilize the better they’ll do: daily or weekly for best results.
Raspberry Blast
Pretty Much Picasso
   Supertunia Photos courtesy Proven Winners, www.provenwinners.com


How do you make a bold color statement without flowers? Coleus. These bright beauties have been bred for the sun. Their variegated leaves are striking combinations of lime, burgundy, orange and red.  Combine them with Lime Potato Vine and you’ll have a knock-out combo, all without blooms!


Make this the year you jump on the Euphorbia  bandwagon. This plant starts off scraggly-looking, but soon explodes into an incredible mound of iridescent, tiny white flowers. There’s a reason why it wins top honors at every flower show!
    Photo courtesy Proven Winners, www.ProvenWinners.com


Ah, those fabulous Geraniums! We have over 30 varieties, in every color imaginable, from dark red to salmon to orange to hot pink to peppermint twist. We carry zonal, seed, Martha Washington, ivy and Pillar Geraniums, which grow up to 5 feet in one season!
Photos courtesy Fischer USA/Syngenta Seeds


A very unique plant with a soft, feather-like flower plume of lavendar with pink tones.  It grows 10-12" tall, blooms all summer, and is sure to impress.  Photo courtesy EuroAmerican Propogators.  Full Sun.


Want to attract hummingbirds to a very hot spot? Verbena will do the trick! Our Lanai & Empress series are the best on the market, with the most vibrant colors. Try it in red, burgundy, blue, white, peach, purple star or strawberry charm!
Lanai Purple Star, Empress Red and Empress Strawberry Charme, photos courtesy Fischer USA/Syngenta Seed and Janelle Gray


Let us turn you on to a little-known plant called Vinca Cooler. They do terrific in hot sun, poor soil, and for neglectful waterers! And you’ll be thrilled at the beautiful colors.
   Pacifica Burgundy Halo   
                           Photos courtesy Ball Horticultural
      Pacifica Polka Dot


Looking for deer-resistance, heat tolerance and colorful, long lasting blooms? Then consider Zinnias. They come in short, medium, tall and very tall sizes. Never let water sit on zinnia leaves. Water at the base of the plant, avoid overhead sprinklers, and water early in the day.

Color your world with Annuals from Landon’s Greenhouse!

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