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Annuals For Shade

Shade annuals bloom for one season, but oh, what a season! They typically flower all summer. For a complete list of our shade loving annuals, click here.  To list our shade annuals by color, click here.


NonStop Yellow & Red
Ah, those beautiful Begonias! They have big, bold, rose-like blossoms and are not troubled by pests. Deer choose them last.  Try Yellow, Orange, Red or for a twist on the ordinary, Mocca Mix, which has nearly-black foliage.


Wow! This baby will really make your part-sun and shady areas pop. Great in containers and hanging baskets.

Photo courtesy Selecta First Class



Fuchsia is a great trailing plant for shade.  Besides the popular Swingtime and Lena, we also carry some unusual varieties:  Giant Blackie has such a deep purple sepal that it is nearly black.  Koralle is upright, with black leaves and a bright orange flower. 

Koralle Fuchsia


Both varieties are vigorous, and will rapidly fill your containers.  Bred to be more heat-tolearant than old-fashioned impatiens, they will  bloom all summer.  The Spellbound series has bigger blooms.  Look for Blackberry Star (photo courtesy Syngenta Flowers), Strawberry Star and White .



We’re not clowning around: Torenia, or Clown Flower is an awesome plant for the shade. In a hanging basket, the Wave, Midnight and Moon series will form a ball by midsummer. And an added bonus: deer do not like the trailing varieties!

You’ll have it made in the shade with Annuals from Landon’s Greenhouse!

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