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Christmas Trees are available beginning on Black Friday! We will have trees from 6' to 10', but be sure to shop early as supplies are limited this year. Prices begin at $59.95. Landon's will be open every Friday & Saturday through Christmas from 9-3, and on Sunday November 26th & December 3rd from 11-3.

annual accents

Annual accents bring that little something extra to your combination planters and beds. They range from flowering types like alyssum, lobelia and moss rose to dramatic centerpieces like grasses and spikes to super-trailing bacopa and potato vine. For a complete list of accent plants, click here.


 Adding white flowers to any combination makes the colors pop. Put Bacopa in your combination planters for trailing and white interest in early summer. But add some Achillea Gypsy or Euphorbia (below), too. When the Bacopa stalls in mid-summer, the Achillea will come on strong, and you’ll still have white interest. Bacopa is very trailing while Achillea is somewhat trailing.  Achillea is also extremely hardy and can be planted in your perennial beds in the Fall.  You can now find achillea Gypsy in our Perennial department. 
   Achillea "Gypsy" Photo                               Bacopa (Sutera)
   courtesy Fischer USA/Syngenta Seed


Another great way to add white to your combos is with Diamond Frost or White Sparkle Euphorbia.  (Euphorbia Breathless Blush Pink will add a hint of rose.)  The Euphorbias are an amazing plant:  sun tolerant, pest and deer resistant, and extremely easy to grow.  They are irridescent in sunlight, and have a delicate halo of flowers all summer, with no cleaning.  Try 'em all!


Grass is not just for lawns anymore! Annual grasses make a graceful statement in the center of combination planters. Try Pennisetum Purple Leaved Fountain Grass (pictured)for burgundy interest in very large containers. Pennisetum Fireworks is a tri-colored grass that gets about 10" tall and is great in it's own container.  Juncus Curly Wurly is a funky grass that can also be grown as a water plant. Finally, a plant for overwaterers!
Photo courtesy Proven Winners www.provenwinners.com


You will be astounded at how looong this vine gets! Ipomoea Potato Vine Lime can grow up to 7 feet in a season! It is definitely an out-of-the-pot-onto-the-ground type of plant. It’s relatives, Blackie and TriColor have a less aggressive (but still strong) habit and wonderful color.  We've also added a Bronze-Rust variety (Rusty Red);  a the Sweet Caroline series, which has some shiny black and bi-color specimens.  


Give your garden a taste of Licorice; “Licorice” plants, that is. Scientifically referred to as “Helichyrsum”, these plants add silver vining interest (White and Petite), silver upright interest (Icicles) and Lime vining interest (Lime). They really take the heat, and they’re super growers.

The Accent is on Your Garden, at Landon’s Greenhouse.

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